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Welcome to my website.  Please come back often as I continue to update it.

I'm now basically fully retired, and am no longer interested in working regularly or on a project basis as a consultant. 

The list below is of the consulting services I provided. I was involved in this field for over 50 years. While I am no longer interested in consulting, I might be willing to take on very limited projects involving location recording, media transfer and audio restoration or similar items, time and health permitting.  I also might be open to providing limited telephone or Internet one-on-one consulting in my areas of expertise. 

  • Audio and/or video systems design or design consultation.
  • Radio station technical design and consultation, Chief Engineer.
  • Troubleshooting and correcting audio, video or RF problems.
  • Commissioning and setting up new or revised audio and video systems.
  • Training in operation and maintenance of audio, video, or radio equipment and facilities.
  • Small to medium scale location recording sessions, and post-production for a finished product.
  • Transfer from VHS, Beta, reel-to-reel tape, cassette, minidisc, DAT, F1, DA88 or phonograph records to digital files. That may include moderate scale audio restoration following the transfer.
  • Format conversion of digital audio files.
  • Consultation and assistance on setting up both professional and consumer digital audio storage and playback systems.
  • And other projects of a similar nature.

While my involvement in this field began in the days of analog audio and video, my experience at ABC continued into the modern era with systems using:

  • AES and MADI audio transmission.
  • SDI video with embedded audio.
  • TDM audio and video systems.
  • Storage and playout systems for both digital audio and video.
  • File-based and streaming digital audio and video.
  • Fiber optic transmission of audio, video and data.
  • Digital audio editing systems, including ProTools, Wavelab and Sound Forge, as well as proprietary editors installed with various manufacturer’s equipment.

For 36 years, I was employed as a senior audio/video systems engineer by the ABC television network, until my retirement in 2013. While I was particularly known for my audio systems designs, I also was responsible for several major video projects, including the design and implementation of the reference video pulse system currently in use at ABC New York.

For a description of the advances in technology that I have experienced and a list of some of the major projects at ABC I was responsible for click here.

Prior to my employment at ABC, I was the Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer of several radio stations at various times (including WLIR and WBAI) and at a recording studio. For many years before and during my employment at ABC, I was the volunteer technical director of WBAU, a radio station formerly at Adelphi University. I also have considerable experience in location audio recording, and audio media transfer and restoration. 

Following my retirement from ABC, I was the contract Chief Engineers of WPPB and WRLI, public radio stations in Southampton, NY until once again retiring.

To read my complete resume click here.

In the meantime, you can look at my steelpan website  There is a section there on field recording of steelpan, otherwise known as steel drums.

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